Dec 24, 2011

dear you

ok, i've deleted all my previous posts, the reason is unknown, i selected all posts, and clicked the trash icon, easy isn't it? yeah, i have no problem doing it, the posts are boring anyway, this one? yeah, it's gonna be boring too, see, i told you, but, is this the meaning i'm turning on a new leaf? perhaps, i'm not good in english, i admit that, but i knew that americans are worse than me, once before, i found out that even english native speaker didn't have good grammar than they who learn english

of course my dear, just flashed through my mind when i was thinking what should i name this rubbish, trying to be lovely? fuck it, i'm not, using commas, that's my style, yes i'm bothered to press the full stop key, or dot, or whatever you call it, prefer to use comma rather than full stop because i'm used to it, don't like it? like the hell i care

fuck, one word, one taboo word, many can't stand to being cursed by this word, and even many trying not to throwing out this word, actually, it have multiple meaning, only moron would think that the word fuck only means the term of having sexual intercourse or cursing, come on, try to search an audio clip of a lecturer explaining the usage of the f-word to his students, in my case above, it means ignorance, but, who cares?